Securing application from internal and external threats require multi-fold approach. Austere Technologies consultants can help you first in understanding your application architecture and devise strategies to address vulnerabilities at every stage of application development and deployment. We help in auditing and assessing your application security and recommend solutions to secure your applications. Our consultants are highly skilled security analysts with strong background in application development. They understand the world of bits and bytes and have an eye for the vulnerable code in your application. They will also help you to put up a process and train developers and key stakeholders the importance of application security and how to protect your sensitive data.

We will also help you to bridge the chasm between development world and operational realm! This is critical to address the challenge of who owns application security. Once the key stakeholders work as a team to detect and fix vulnerabilities in your application, then the QA team can test the entire application either by means of using a third party tool available or manually to make sure that there are no application vulnerabilities before the application is released for production.

Managing application security is a continuous process. New methods are discovered everyday to compromise the application security. The team should be prepared to address these new challenges on a daily basis. We can help your team to be better prepared to address these challenges.

Please contact us to know how we can help you to secure your applications from internal and external threats.