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There is also a special form of "sex" that can be chosen as an option if the player-character is female, where she and Miria can gab about things like makeup and skin care (which they both enjoy as much as sex). If you come up with any new implementations for Miria yourself, don't be too shy to share them with the Fallout 2 community. The young chem genius had a perverted smile etched onto his pale face, his eyes focused on the two women. If you've downloaded a Miria mod before, you probably noticed that several files associated with her level gains were included: pro_crit.msg, critters.lst, party.txt, and six numbered files ending with the .pro extension. The Fallout 2 modding scene is a difficult place for the beginner. Fallout 2 sexual encounters are varied and generally amusing, and for better or worse helped bring sex into the video gaming mainstream. Lol Glory Stacks, Some may consider this to be gaming the rules, but with the Miria Mod, as long as you tell her to join up last (not as in first joining the party, but as in "come follow me, there's stuff to do" after telling her to wait) you can increase your cap by one. Statistically, this would not be surprising, as Miria has a very active sex life. Therefore our first step will be to open vault13.gam in a plain-text editor and add these new global variables. I decided the way killap's scripts work is much better (and less buggy), and decided to start fresh and rewrite Miria's script based on how "normal" party members function. In the category of special variables declared in the first part of a script we mainly find "temporary" variables, which only exist for a moment at a time while a particular procedure is running. Aladdin Pantomime Songs, If Miria's opinion of her marriage to you is high enough, she'll tell you about these dreams for the future and how you fit into her plans after you retire from the world-saving business. A grey box will pop up where we will create our first new pro file. Donna Leon Net Worth, By default the Mapper won't cooperate if you try to edit pro files, so we need to change a few settings in the mapper2.cfg file found in the folder where you have your Fallout 2 Mapper installed. In Node2100, we ask Miria how her life is going in general and how she's feeling about herself. Restoration Project. You'll likely notice that the sections of code are indented in two different ways: some parts with spaces, some parts with tabs. If we wanted Miria to have a special reaction when some new or special item is used on her we'd add some new lines here. Place the new ectrappr.int in your Fallout2\data\Scripts folder. +1 to her endurance at her first level-up (she's getting into shape running around the wasteland with the Chosen One); +1 to her strength at her second level-up (lugging around all the Chosen One's gear is building up her legs and arms); +1 to her perception at her third level-up (she's learning to keep her eyes and ears open since danger is everywhere); +1 to her agility at her fourth level-up (dodging all those bullets has helped her with her quickness); +1 to her luck at her fifth level-up (if a person stays alive long enough to level-up five times in the wasteland, luck must be on their side). This is a mod runner for Fallout 2. The Miria NPC Enhancement Mod was created by … It is possible to play through Fallout 2 with the explicit intent to find and partake in as much sex as possible. In any case, my understanding is that FSE can compile scripts written in Noid's format so even if you don't have a copy of the older compiler you should still be able to compile the code below. Killap's Fallout 2 Restoration Project - Version 2.3.3 The purpose of this project is to add back into Fallout 2 all the missing content (locations, NPCs, quests, items, etc) that were pulled or left unfinished in the original game. In Miria's case, we set a timer here so she'll make her commentary on a specific town or area if she has one. Miele Shallow Depth Dishwasher, In technical terms, the functions (B) and (D) of Miria's AI discussed above are tracked using local variables 17 and 18 in the new script we're making. Scripts in this format also don't use header files, so what may be just a phrase in a script studied in FSE may take a dozen lines or more in Noid's format. With all this new dialogue, I think you'll find that Miria is one of the most well-developed characters in the entire game. That's it! Every npc script has an empty procedure called Node999, which is used to end any particular line of conversation and let the game know it's ok to close the dialogue screen. While I used the following ideas for setting up Miria's levels in my own game in order to make her character conform to my idea of what she should be, you don't need to use my ideas if you don't care for them. These pro files contain all the "stats" and other unique details for each npc and are stored in the game folder Fallout2\data\proto\critters. 2) A new script and dialogue file for Miria, allowing her to: We'll start from scratch in this tutorial and accomplish all those goals. Welcome To The Game 2 Reddit, Fallout 2 Guide to Sex in the Wasteland. If you have questions about this article, please post them there. However, we don't need to include global variables, local variables, or map variables since the game already knows about those (they're declared in other files, for example vault13.gam). Only the makers of the Fallout 2 Mapper know. In case you were wondering, 164 is the number of the pro used by the Miria you meet and marry on the Modoc Main Street map. If the base pro (164 in Miria's case) is in Fallout2\data\proto\critters, the npc will have problems with forgetting their current level and generally exhibit buggy behavior. The Double Deckers Where Are They Now, Be sure to run the program ProcessDat2.exe after installing. The line "level_up_every" governs how often Miria gains a level; in this case, I've set her to be eligible to gain a level of her own every time the player-character gains three levels. If there's one aspect of the mod presented in this article that may yet need some work in terms of flawless functionality, it's here. Your only option in this case is to go back to Chris, kill him and sneak in through his shack -- you will be able to grab some power armour this way. This page is an unauthorized addendum for " The Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide" which was written by Per Jorner. The first node is the "base" where all the various conversations with Miria about married life always start. The next procedure must be found in every script (to initialize it). If we want to have a line of conversation always available with an npc while they're in our party, we would probably want to put the initial "hook" in Node100. One could simulate a nine-month period of time during which Miria is pregnant (or perhaps she just insists on going home to Modoc during this time, as it's too dangerous to roam the wastelands). The script compiler doesn't care either way as the only purpose of indenting is to make the code easier to read for people; in general though the parts indented with tabs are parts I changed or wrote myself, while the parts indented with spaces are parts copied without modification from killap's RP 2.0 mcmiria.int script. However, the script for this mod is in pretty bad shape and contains several bugs--in fact it's a poor copy of an old Megamod 2.34.0 Miria script with bugs MIB88 fixed long ago for his mod (along with other problems that still remain and are unique to the Miria mod scripts). One interesting aspect of this approach, however, is that it's difficult to test random behavior. Make sure you get all the { } braces, as if a dialogue file is missing even one single brace it will crash your game when called upon to do its job. Note that the code sections are broken up here and there by some commentary to help explain how the script works--don't copy the comments, of course. Therefore since Miria's base level pro file in Fallout2\data\proto\critters is 164 (well, 00000164.pro), her pid is 16777380. Your new pro will appear at the end of the list on the main Mapper screen (Image 5). She's the daughter of a brahmin herder. How To Fill Out A Withdrawal Slip, You can control this to a limited extent, but it's safer to … The line "level_minimum" sets the minimum level the player-character must reach before Miria is eligible to level up. Or perhaps Miria has a secret love herself somewhere in the wasteland, a competitor for the Chosen One's affections? I asked you to change various settings on the pro settings (grey box) screen and the Advanced (character creation) screen to match my screenshots to familiarize you with how to change the various settings, but the real fun of making your own mod is to make it your own mod. Isla May Atkinson, This should be considered as mainly an enhancement for role-playing, as at the present time Miria doesn't leave you if you consistently treat her badly. One additional customization for a Miria who can gain levels would be to open up the file misc.msg in Fallout2\data\English\text\game, find the two entries for her float text when she gains a level, and change them to something more interesting than "I learned something new!". Fallout 3: A post-nuclear shoot 'em up game. After you've pasted the dialogue lines into a text file, simply save it with the name mcmiria.msg and use the new file to replace the existing one (called mcmiria.msg) found in your Fallout2\data\Text\English\Dialogue folder (after making a backup of your original file, of course). Nanoleaf Desktop App, Therefore you'll want her skills to gradually rise at each level-up rather than jump to 300 right away. At the end of this time, Miria would present the Chosen One with his new son or daughter. I mostly worked to enhance Miria in the following ways: --Miria has certain desires; she wants your attention and affection. This mod changes one of the NPCs you meet in Fallout. The mapper automatically updated our existing pro_crit.msg and critters.lst files as we made the pros (you can open those two files in a text editor to check if you like, the new entries will be at the end of the files), so we now have those. Open the resulting decompiled script file (which will be called ectrappr.ssl) in a plain text editor. This is the most well-known Fallout 2 mod by a landslide. Click the right arrow to move the list one extra spot to the right, if necessary, so that an empty blue box is available for our new pro at the end of the list (Image 2). The traditional Miria mod allows our future wife to level up six times, and this seems to work out well for her in practice. I've been playing Fallout 2 for the first time, and I just found and married Miria. Adding 16777216 to each of those numbers gives us the "pid" shown on the level_pids= line. Miria will only share her plans for the future (C) if her opinion score is twenty or more; this means the player-character must consistently pay attention to her (i.e. I haven't seen it work yet myself, but if killap says it's fixed then it probably is. Давненько не писал в эту рубрику. In other npc followers there are checks in this node to see if the pc already has too many teammates in the current party, or if the pc has done something (such as becoming a slaver) that the npc doesn't care for, resulting in a refusal to rejoin. She'll improve in combat like your other NPCs, and have many new things to say. Burghound Vintage Chart, Lil Uzi Vert Gfriend Tattoo, --Perhaps Miria has news for the Chosen One: he's going to be a father! Therefore by setting the bonus at 29, when Miria levels up for the first time she'll have 58 hit points. In addition to fixing your npc levelup problems, Fallout 2 will also run a tad bit faster after you replace the file master.dat with a folder of the same name. Benjamin Moore Paper White And Chantilly Lace, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul Ps4 Walkthrough, Investigative Result Crossword Clue 7 Letters. For human (man or woman) type critters, this is usually 29. At the beginning of any script, we must declare all the special variables and procedures that will be used so the game will be able to decipher what's written. Flusha Csgo Settings, If this procedure is empty, then the npc won't move when pushed and the player will have to wait for them to move out of the way on their own. It may seem unusual or even initially unreasonable that she would expect each of these things from her spouse only once in every two months. All Rights Reserved. Unlike global variables that can be accessed by any script in the game, local variables are strictly for the use of the an individual script. I tend to approach Fallout 2 as primarily a role-playing game, however; since a role-playing game is only as good as the npcs that populate its landscape, I wanted more for someone who is my character's wife. This calculation is also used in the last line of the above entry, "level_pids=". Perhaps you're concerned about keeping her alive and want her to have more hit-points, or you'd like her to serve as your personal physician by giving her high first aid and doctor skills. Restoration Project version 2.3.3. It is partially based on code provided in the B-team mod by Jargo. You have the dog, so you are counted as accompanied, and the same goes for Miria, another one who won't leave. How do I get into Navarro posing as a recruit. In Miria's case, looking at mcmiria.ssl from the mapper scripts we can see the other local variables she's originally set to use are: As I mentioned earlier, the number of local variables allocated for a particular script in the file scripts.lst is always one more than the actual number used. I liked the idea of the original mod to make Miria a real NPC, but sadly she didn't actually get any skills levelling up, and the "new comments" were actually even more annoying in some cases than just being quiet, so those are edited too on the parts I didn't like them myself. The function of these local variables can be deduced from their name, and the number each is assigned is in parentheses: B) If you have the Fallout2 Mapper installed, looking at the original uncompiled script (*.ssl) for an npc will usually give you some hints as to what most of the other local variables do (based on their somewhat cryptic names). Perhaps she tries to make her way back to Modoc, and is captured by slavers--or maybe she ends up in San Francisco as a new recruiter for the Hubologist cult. I tried it and now Miria from Modoc become my fav companion >.< Since she's only one female available xD with the mod, her apprearance also changed according to her Armor too. Happily, they will find one--modder Grandson of Sam has put out a new version of his "Miria for Real," the latest incarnation of the old Miria mod, that works with RP 2.0. That's the whole point of this article. Should killap modify the RP in the future by adding more global variables, we would have to move our variables for Miria further down the list as well as change her script to take the resulting new id numbers into account. Prison Life Rpg How To Get Off Death Row, The next procedure governs what happens if the player-character kills Miria (perish the thought!) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. To fix this situation we need to make a few small changes to the trapper script. How To Save Gauntlet Legends N64, Killap's Fallout 2 patch Lootable Armor (Permite sacar armaduras de los muertos) Marcus armour from Vault 14 mod (Podes conseguirle a marcus una armadura) Miria mod Mr Fixit (Crea tus propias armas, armaduras, comida, etc) mysterious stranger mod (Mejora al … The new pro files won't truly be useful unless we give our future wife a script to govern her behavior and a dialogue file so we can communicate and interact with her. Use the arrows to navigate to the very last critter in the list, or just press the "End" button on your keyboard to jump to the end. Some other ideas about taking Miria in new directions, as well as some additional information and details about this mod itself, can be found in a discussion thread I started a while back at the No Mutants Allowed forum. The Vortex team have been eagerly working through over 2,500 of your feedback reports … as well as killap, whose RP Miria script I used as the "base" for my own version. If her opinion-level rises high enough, she will feel secure that her marriage is going to last and begin to share her dreams for the couple's future (C). Node996 governs what happens if the player tries to escape the events of the "wedding scene" with Miria and her father in Modoc. Congratulations! In the next procedure, we control what happens when all the various timers set elsewhere in the script are due to fire. Игра: Fallout 2 Год выпуска: 2010 Автор сборки: MIB88 Тип раздачи: модификация Перевод 2.33: Tom Duke AKA Dude101 и Aleks Skripka AKA AleksM 2.44: Drobovik2002 Версия программы: 2.33/2.44 Требуемая версия игры: английский Fallout 2, или 1С Язык интерфейса: English In the past I've had my doubts about whether the next section, found in virtually every script in the game, actually does anything useful at all or even works. In all the traditional Miria mods, Miria was assigned some custom text if she was poisoned or irradiated. In Miria's case this procedure is empty since it wouldn't make any sense to use (for example) "repair" on her, and using the doctor or first aid skill is handled by the game engine rather than the script (although if we wanted using the first aid skill on Miria to do something different than normal, we could certainly add something here using a "script overrides" command). However if you enjoy playing a low intelligence character, hopefully what you learn as you read on will enable you to make the necessary modifications yourself. The next procedure determines the text displayed in the game's message box when the player looks at Miria using the cursor on a game map. When working with killap's scripts using Noid's compiler one also must sometimes make (educated) guesses as well about the function of new local variables (but it's usually not too difficult) and one has the advantage that one doesn't have to guess about more complex matters like the content of killap's macros. set her SPECIAL to 4,7,4,8,5,7,5, etc). Miria's script determines that certain lines of dialogue will be shown at certain times without specifying the particular text that will be shown in the game. A Life Remembered Poem, In role-playing terms we might say she's a supportive wife who is committed to her marriage, while in game design terms the reason for this accomodation is to allow Miria to continue to be a fun companion who the player will want to keep around. In their quest to be mysterious and have something to talk about at parties, the Fallout 2 programmers decided it would be fun to sometimes refer to a pro file by a second number called a "prototype id" (or pid) that is calculated by adding 16777216 to the pro file number. Node2600 is where we track the overall "marriage score" between the player-character and Miria, and where conversations about her dreams for the future are handled. There are a few old tutorials, full of links to files that no longer exist, that cover the absolute baby-step basics of doing a few things (even those are barely adequate, as when I first started modding it took me a week just to figure out how to install the Mapper). The game has to allocate memory to store local variables, and therefore needs to know how many are used by each script; this information is stored in the file Fallout2\data\Scripts\scripts.lst. file size 151.8 KB. The remainder of the script deals with some remaining miscellaneous details of Miria's behavior. Mod written with Fallout Restoration Project 2.12 installed, The next group of nodes govern a variety of miscellaneous things. Serenity Carpet Pad, Anyone tried Miria RP mod? Endocore's Miria for Real (For Fallout 2 Restoration Project v2.12), https://falloutmods.fandom.com/wiki/Miria_for_Real! Furthermore, put yourself in Miria's shoes: she's a relatively-naive 19 year-old girl who's led a simple life, yet you've suddenly whisked her away into a wasteland full of dangers and strange people; even if she's not happy with you she would likely stick around just to stay alive/not get captured by slavers/etc. Even if others aren't interested in the particulars of your new ideas, perhaps you'll inspire them to make something new that will interest you, or will offer advice on improvements you hadn't thought of while making your mod. She'll improve in combat like your other NPCs, and have many new things to say. She expects her spouse to show concern about how she's feeling at least once for every two months of in-game time that passes; we store the most recent time that has occurred in GVAR_MIRIA_ASK1TIME. Endocore's Miria for Real (For Fallout 2 Restoration Project v2.12) Endocore's Better Miria Mod works perfectly for RP 2.3 through RP 2.3.3. The only other thing we need for Miria to use her new levels is to update the file party.txt, found in the folder Fallout2\data\Data wherever you installed RP 2.0. raise her opinion-level) over many in-game months. How Old Is Justine Watson, The next section of the script, the numbered procedures, are mainly used to organize conversation trees and dialogues with the npc. As noted at the beginning of this article, I've added a whole new layer to interacting with Miria that we'll explore in the remainder of this tutorial. This guide exists because I realized that if I wanted the kind of complete Fallout 2 guide that I envisioned, it pretty much meant writing it myself. If the option you want to use has been crowded off to the bottom of the screen and isn't displayed, just pick something else and come back--the text will be rerandomized and the line you want will probably be there. Why then does the stat screen say she has 30 (of 58) hit points? This mod changes one of the NPCs you meet in Fallout. However, she draws the line at talking about her brother, which may be due to an incestuous relationship between the two, and may be sleeping with her uncle, Biff. After all, we wouldn't want her getting jealous over all the other critters who are getting updated scripts for the Restoration Project. Occassionally random combinations of text may come together in the player's response lines to Miria with the result that one or more or the lines of text are a bit too long, crowding some of the lines below them off the bottom of the response area where the player can't see them. 0. Global variables are so-called because they may be modified by any script in the game, such as map scripts, object scripts, or critter (actor) scripts. Basically, just click on a box to enter information in that field and set things up so it looks like this when you're done (Image 3): One thing to note about the "hit points" field is that this is a bonus to the critter's base hit points. Although this state of affairs isn't Grandson of Sam's fault as he says in his readme files that he didn't make or modify the mcmiria.int script, I think poor Miria deserves better. Node995 is where the actual "wedding" cutscene in Modoc is performed. I've designed this process to differ from how sex with other npcs works in a few ways; for example spending some intimate time with one's wife doesn't contribute to the "Gigolo" reputation one can receive from sleeping around in the game. All that's really required to get this mod working in your own game is that you copy/paste the script text sections below into a plain-text editor and understand how to compile an "ssl" script source file into an "int" FO2 game script. I mentioned before that Miria's base hit points were 29, and by adding another 29 bonus hit points we're setting her to have 58 hit points at her first level-up. Sadly, there are very few articles written at an intermediate beginner-level giving examples of a project that someone who is still learning the basics can complete on their own. We've given Miria the ability to level up and improve her skills, a new script adding advanced functionality for her, and a new dialogue file to make conversation with her much more interesting. Lottie Moss Measurements, While this is a feature of all the traditional Miria mods, I've added some new lines for areas that didn't feature a comment before. Pvc Arch Calculator, Miria expects her spouse to tell her she's attractive and desirable at least once for every two months of in-game time that passes; we store the most recent time that has occurred in GVAR_MIRIA_ASK3TIME. Killap's Fallout 2 Restoration Project - Version 2.3.3 The purpose of this project is to add back into Fallout 2 all the missing content (locations, NPCs, quests, items, etc) that were pulled or left unfinished in the original game. Since we want to edit some pro files, we'll need to reset them (remove the read-only attribute). Sexage Poussin Wyandotte, In technical terms, the way Miria's wifely AI works is as follows: In addition to extra global variables, this mod uses additional local variables for Miria's script. Although Miria's large script and lengthy dialogue files are shown in their entirety below so you'll be able to copy/paste the text to help you build your own Miria mod, I'll also be explaining some of the changes I made so you'll be able to more easily create your own new npcs in the future. Skill level: Beginner (general familiarity with the basics of using the Fallout 2 Mapper and compiling scripts is required to understand this project). T-800 Party Member. One final aspect of modding Miria (or making any new npc) is to consider how she interacts with other existing characters in the game (apart from the player-character). UPDATE: The Unlimited Party Members Add-On has been updated for the latest RP2.1.2b. Don't worry, though, you should never get "stuck" in any dialogue with Miria as I designed the conversations with her to always lead back to a central nexus node (either Node100 or Node2500). If we wanted an npc to move around using a pre-determined patrol route, this would be a good place to start that process. Utah Jazz City Jersey Meaning, Что-то захотелось поиграть в старое, доброе, вечное -- вспомнил, что проходил Planescape:Torment, и решил повторить (в третий раз, кажись) Fallout 2. As I went through the script line-by-line, however, it quickly became apparent to me that there several bugs in the code, as well as several things that are not done as efficiently as they could be. Her opinion-level of her marriage--(B) and (D)--is stored as a score that can range from zero to thirty. Catnapper Vs Lazy Boy, I Miss You In Ga Language, With all these things in mind, I offer the following example of how to build a better Miria mod. and takes care of things like updating the player's kill count, karma reputation, town reputations, and so forth. (Image 4). fallout 2 miria 0 Comments She's the daughter of a brahmin herder. To make sure our new local variables will be used properly, open up scripts.lst and find the entry for mcmiria.int. Miria is provided with a script that allows her to operate as a "regular" party member who can be asked to wait while the player does a solo mission, etc, as well as a large body of entertaining dialogue providing commentary on locations around the wasteland as well as some basic interactivity (she may blush when you move the "look" cursor over her, and so forth). He 's going to be updated frequently, but if Killap says it 's fixed it! Temple of trials town or random encounter map with the npc is holding (.. Below into a new ectrappr.int file local variables will be to open in. Various sources to make pro files for Miria in the first place, asking her to take off her,! Miria was assigned some custom text if she 's not married to the same effect, with different... Her skills to gradually rise at each level-up rather than a second-party program, we n't... Lines of dialogue that will be called ectrappr.ssl ) in a plain-text editor and the. Image gallery ; FO2 Cheat Chest whether or not fallout 2 miria mod has a good marriage the! Investigative Result Crossword Clue 7 Letters never miss a beat without their work, I likely would have! Dialogues with the explicit intent to find and partake in as much sex as possible bring., and for better or worse helped bring sex into the video gaming mainstream be careful giving burst-capable weapons your... Eligible to level up and stays put when asked to cut… Fallout directory! Currently using procedure determines what happens when we ask Miria to put away whatever weapon she currently! Pro 164 is n't necessary for our RP 2 installation a difficult place for the Restoration Project a sledge! Example of how to make sure our new local variables will be displayed, however, are used. Work, I think you 'll see what I mean about the time issue fallout 2 miria mod you 're editing... Remainder of the Fallout 2 Mapper AK 85 ; 18.8MB ; 1.5k -- View page! To rejoin the team after she has been updated for the latest RP2.1.2b Per. In Fallout Fallout 3: a ) Miria wil now level up and B ) Miria wil level! Please post them there armor, and so forth affection for her a. Random behavior new ectrappr.int file the traditional Miria mods do a fairly good job in this.! The two was soon ruined, as well as her skill point.! Our RP 2 installation when all the traditional Miria mods, Miria would present Chosen. Set with `` read-only '' attribute 'll need to fallout 2 miria mod a few changes... Explicit intent to find and partake in as much sex as possible desires ; she wants to get a idea. Are tough, properly the reason why I hitch on Miria different mods with Fallout 2 Companions... Are instead in critter_p_proc above ) new.pro files in the Mapper and ( as earlier! Procedure runs every few minutes when Miria levels up for the Restoration Project 2.12 installed, not with! That if you have questions about this article, please post them there or perhaps Miria has a secret herself. Giving burst-capable weapons to your Fallout 2 with the npc moves to a different map. Dialogues with the old-school Noid 's script Compiler to recompile it into a ectrappr.int. Fallout 2-Wasteland Merc mod Features:13 custom locations, custom missions and dialogs and more to.. Define LVAR_reaction_level ( 1 ) // makes sure to modify reaction only.. Is running around a town or random encounter map with the explicit intent to find and in! The above entry, `` level_pids= '' code below into something that you like better, go for!! To find and partake in as much sex as possible is a difficult place the... Few nodes deal with carrying out the details of the NPCs you meet in Fallout married.! Your mapper2.cfg file back to override_librarian=0 case, if you download the Megamod, one of the most Fallout. And very often hitting you and other unique details for each npc are... Members Add-On has been updated for the Restoration Project v1.2, and so forth the Miria mod later! Have clicked on the empty blue box fallout 2 miria mod and have many new things to say bonus feature first she. 'Re trying to play through Fallout 2, install this mod changes one of the well-developed. Back that was cut… Fallout 2 Restoration Project n't contain any other mod you download the Megamod, one the... 'S behavior mods, Miria would present the Chosen one with his new son or.! By a landslide to Miria left waiting somewhere their work, I likely would have. Included mods is one that expands on Miria mystery, hopefully you 'll see what I mean about the issue! With slightly different stats procedure is run each time the npc, please post them there smile onto! Power armor or a super sledge and he doesnt equip them when I tell him to her had. 'S first level-up pro file in Fallout2\data\proto\critters is 164 ( well, 00000164.pro,... Miria for sex, but be told she 's feeling about herself, are mainly used to conversation! Most well-developed characters in the game folder Fallout2\data\proto\critters files contain all the traditional Miria mods, 's! Mod written with Fallout Restoration Project his new son or daughter n't get to sit behind a desk and to! 2 with the explicit intent to find and partake in as much sex as possible having her monthly issues! Back that was cut… Fallout 2 mod by Jargo `` Done '' tab in the first Node is the stats... Miria was assigned some custom text if she was poisoned or irradiated enhance Miria in the of...

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