How CrowdSourcing can help in Testing?

Whether it is an online gaming application, a banking application, an e-commerce portal, or a flight booking application; every industry needs precision and seamless functionality. Test Automation has been endorsed by testing and development teams to ease the rigorous testing process and make it much more efficient. Automation tools and frameworks are enabling faster turnaround and long-term sustainability. But is it enough in this era of Digital Transformation?

Crowdsourcing also is known as Crowd-Sourced Testing or Crowd Testing is a resource for this qualm. It’s the way to tap into the complete source of global expertise and experience. Gartner states that “By 2018, crowdsourcing will constitute 20% of all enterprise application development sourcing initiatives.” If Cloud Computing made news a few years back, Crowdsourcing is leveraging the Cloud to define the next course for development and testing.

How can a global pool of testers and tech enthusiasts be leveraged for test automation? Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge that diversity of thought and collective efforts as the core of Crowdsourced Testing. Secondly, instead of a single team working on the testing framework or an automation tool, if the application is collectively tested by a distributed group of testers and enthusiasts, it opens up more possibilities to test and comprehend every facet of the application’s functionalities and failure paths.

Crowdsourced test automation provides much more user-centric feedback on the test application in much more realistic situations. The overall test automation process can leverage several frameworks and tools to arrive at various outcomes to make the application market-ready. So, the key points to consider from Crowd Testing are flexibility, speed, cost-effectiveness, and diverse feedback. Most of these factors can be generalized for leveraging this approach for Test Automation.

Why Crowd Testing seems ideal for Test Automation?

Gartner states that “Sourcing managers should at least consider crowd testing for the cloud, Web-based and mobile-based application development and testing needs, where agility, innovation and a short time to market are leading requirements and applications are consumers- or employee-focused.”

In a nutshell, these are the aspects that will push enterprises to leverage Crowd Testing and achieve any unrealistic Testing goals.

Leveraging Open Source Automation Frameworks

When multiple heads storm together, ideas rush in and lead to better and much more likely results. Whether you work with a single tool or various tools – using Open Source, the chances are that you might get limited ideas and results, possibly similar patterns. With Crowd Testing the testing folks are distributed across and leverage multiple strategies and for testing an application on the same tool used. It works well with applications that have an innovative proposal and unique features for the users.

The chances are that the application gets tested in various ways and across multiple bandwidths, which might result in much more credible feedback. At the same time, it helps to get the software/application market ready and resilient against any possible jolts.

Experimentation and Innovation

An application or software is bound to get tested better when a group of people with varied experiences contribute. The very reason why Open Source has been endorsed and accepted.

With Crowdsourced Testing multiple methodologies could get implemented, leading to more experimentation. It could result in inventive ways of testing the same application, resulting in better judgments and inferences. These are chances that new test frameworks from the existing frameworks might get designed, inventing new strides in testing the application.

Enhanced Test coverage

The key objective of Test Automation in the Software Development process is to react faster to the market and most importantly achieve extended test coverage. It implies, enhancing quality with improved test coverage. With Crowd Testing more and more people get involved in the testing process result in better test coverage of the application.

Ultimately, the probability of any error or occurrence of any nasty surprises in production gets reduced. Digital Technologies are changing the way in which applications get developed and tested. It is high time enterprises gear up and get to speed for getting their business-critical applications tested by a diverse group of experts.

Building expertise

With Test Automation, teams can build better testing frameworks equipped with more test cases. Crowdsourced Testing can help in creating enhanced frameworks, as more and more enthusiasts come together and share their findings. More test cases are created, resulting in improved Test Accelerators for better automation.

Testing meets Speed

With a pool of testing resources available round the clock, Testing matches speed, and the best part is that the application gets tested in various test environments simultaneously in real time. Crowd helps in test automation by testing each feature in real time to find bugs. They then articulate and execute test cases. The crowd helps in building automation scripts that would be executed in Test Automation Framework.

How does Crowd help in Test Automation?

  • Once the Test Application is handed over the crowd for testing and automation, a team from the crowd is pooled with the right experience under an able leadership of a project manager who understands the complete testing scope of the application.
  • The Project Manager understands the application and then puts his expertise to build the critical scenarios in the application that can be automated.
  • These key scenarios are created by a grouping of test cases that will be written by the crowd. These scenarios will be available when the client wants to review and approve these scenarios for automation.
  • The crowd testers assigned to the test application will then start creating the automation scripts for the recommended critical scenarios based the framework and guidelines. All scripts are validated for accuracy, code quality and are then uploaded to test automation framework after client approval.
  • The crowd examines the approved automation scripts in test automation framework to ensure the test application is automated. The test scope includes connections and configurations of the server, desired results versus actual result in each script and scenario across browsers and mobile devices.
  • The crowd continues with the testing of the application till the level you want of automation is reached.
  • The test automation framework can be a web-based open source tool like selenium or mobile automation framework like appium based on the test scope and could be a proprietary tool based on need. However, since the crowd is leveraged to bring in cost-effectiveness, open source tools are the first preferred option by the crowd

What do development and testing teams need? Experience, expertise, cost-effectiveness, and ability to build better testing infrastructure that can be leveraged in the long-term. Crowdsourced Testing helps build testing domain knowledge in a relatively cost-effective way for a sustained period.

Digital Transformation triggered by Digital Technologies is redefining the testing patterns. Testing cannot be an afterthought anymore. It has to be continuous and agile. The results have to come in real-time, as updates have to happen while the application is Live and running.

In a challenging scenario such as this, the chances are that your business-critical application might succumb to market risks and attacks. Test Automation powered by Crowd Testing can make a massive difference and enable your efforts. The diversity of testing frameworks, approaches and methodologies can bring in a fresh perspective and a new defect to light.

Analyst reports and experts have endorsed Crowd Testing as a recent trend in software testing, which leverages the benefits and efficiency of the Cloud for building stronger and better software. Whether it is Test Automation or any form of testing effort, a perspective from crowd test experts always helps.