Test Management Services Overview :

One of the key areas where lots of enterprises lack is complete software quality management. The demand from businesses is to launch innovative applications at a rapid pace to stay competitive in the business. The time to market the applications gets shorter and the time to manage the quality of the applications get’s even shorter. How to overcome this challenge to maintain the highest quality of the applications? Here comes Austere Technologies, we have the right team combined with the skills to work with world class test management and test automation products to deliver industry standard best practices in test management and test automation.

We have the team to work with customer defined testing framework or develop custom framework to automate your entire testing lifecycle or develop hybrid framework with automated and manual testing. We can also setup a complete test management solution to maintain your testing assets in a single centralized repository for collaborative testing and accessible from different geographies in case of distributed teams.

Complete software quality management is combination of skilled people, matured processes and world class testing tools. Austere Technologies can deliver all this successfully to the customers.