Application Security Testing :

Application Security is the missing pillar of Application Quality. Never has been Application Security as important as it’s in current times. With the rapid growth of the business over the internet and the explosion of mobile smart devices, consumers are exposed to applications with security flaws which are easily exploited by criminal hackers and compromise consumer private and financial information. The majority of vulnerabilities in software applications reside in the custom business logic of the application itself. Compensating controls provided by external products are temporary solutions which seek to hide the vulnerabilities. It is only a matter of time before an attacker identifies an alternate entry point or is able to encode an attack in such a manner that a signature-based technology is unable to detect the attack packet. Only by correcting the vulnerable code it is possible to fully protect the application. It is for this reason that developers, QA teams, and the management must share in the responsibility of developing secure code.

At Austere Technologies, we help our customers to align with different stakeholders and run a security audit with world-class security tools to expose security vulnerabilities and provide a solution to fix them.