About Automated, Scriptless Testing  

The major pain point in traditional automation testing is to allocate enough time and expertise to properly build automation framework for enterprise applications. It does not stop there! Maintaining the framework for the custom ERP applications under the pressure of constant change can nearly be felt impossible—especially when even small updates can have unexpected ripple effects to other business-critical functions. We partner with TurnKey Solutions who provide Test Accelerator to overcome the prior challenges of automation framework through the use of new technologies and capabilities. This accelerator enables non-technical or business users to both create and maintain their automation scripts by simply point the software at the screen. By leveraging best practice methods, critical business processes can be tested quickly and easily with a single, integrated testing tool. The Accelerator works in tandem with Scriptless Testing to help achieve faster time to value, even within highly customized ERP environment. It Deploys applications sooner while minimizing the cost and complexity of application testing. Austere Technologies with expert resources in TurnKey framework helps customers to implement, customize and execute pre-built automation test cases within 3-4 weeks of time. We support end to end testing for the below ERP products.

  • SAP End to End Automation Testing
  • Oracle End to End Automation Testing
  • T24 Core Banking End to End Automation Testing

Step by Step Proces Of Automate the Automation!

Automated, Scriptless Testing | Austere technologies

No Coding  — Extensive Test Coverage — Auto Change Management – MS Excel Driven Test Data –Heterogeneous environment